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Announcing the 2024 PRIHA Leadership Team

PRIHA would like to formally announce its leadership team for the 2024 Season.

Through the leadership team, PRIHA will continue to focus on its primary purpose to represent Puerto Rico at the highest level possible on the international stage and its focus areas for each activity - Promote, Develop, and Fund.

The following individuals (with roles and responsibilities listed below) will lead the amazing 50+ official volunteers that have been engaged throughout the organization in a variety of roles helping ensure PRIHA’s success.

Hockey Administration Committee

  • Jessica DeLeon, Head of Hockey Administration

    • Responsibilities:

      • Recruitment, Appointment and Management of Team Managers

      • Management of TeamSnap, Vendors and FAQ

Hockey Operation Committee

  • Frank Keane, Head of Hockey Operations

    • Responsibilities:

      • Recruitment, Appointment and Management of Coaches

      • Identification, Recruitment, Activation and Evaluation of Athletes

Integrity Committee

  • James Murphy-Aguilu, Head of Integrity

    • Responsibilities:

      • Ensure compliance with all national and international statutes and regulations

      • Reviewal of Integrity Incidents in a timely manner

Media & Brand Committee

  • Mike Rosado, Head of Media & Brand

    • Responsibilities:

      • Management of all PRIHA Web and Social Channels

      • Curation of mulit-media content

Puerto Rico Committee

  • David Risk, Head of Puerto Rico Domestic Efforts

    • Responsibilities:

      • Ensure consistent domestic programming

      • Ensure domestic presence and growth in all facets

Scott Vargas (President), Luis Vargas (Vice President), and Antonio Colon (Head of Olympic Affairs) will remain in their roles on the Board of Directors.

Last year the association had a five committee structure: Events, Hockey Operations, Integrity, Media & Brand, and Puerto Rico. Changes this year include:

  • The Events Committee was shifted into an ad-hoc effort that will be rolled out by event

  • The Hockey Operations was divided into two committees: Hockey Operations and Hockey Administration

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