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Puerto Rico Hockey’s Rapid Rise

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

By Ryan Tantalo of Tantalo Takes When Puerto Rico Ice Hockey debuted, they had 11 players. Four of them had the last name Vargas.

“It was me, my two brothers, and my father,” said Scott Vargas, founder of the Puerto Rico Ice Hockey Association (PRIHA).

Scott Vargas and his team first played in Puerto Rican colors at the 2019 Amerigol LATAM Cup, an annual exhibition tournament for Latin American hockey teams. In May 2020, Scott Vargas officially organized Puerto Rico Ice Hockey under PRIHA, and began grassroots recruiting efforts.

Just 27 months later, the association boasts over 200 players. Six Puerto Rican teams, and three Caribbean teams, will travel to the 2022 LATAM Cup. PRIHA will send over 130 players to represent their heritage on the ice, at the Florida Panther’s Ice Den in Coral Springs.


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