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Day 2 Recap at the LATAM Cup

By Samuel DeLeon

Game 1 day 2, Women’s division, Puerto Rico 5, Argentina 4. The reigning champions came back looking for a big win and that is exactly what they got. Argentina scored first early in the game but that did not matter, our women’s team showed their relentlessness

and determination to win this game. This was a hard-fought victory for the women’s team. This was a game where the score went back and forth and no goal scored was an easy one. This game had every fan in the building engaged and on the edge of their seats, with great play the women’s team walked away with their first win of the tournament.

Game 2 day 2, Women’s division, Puerto Rico 0, Mexico 3. In the second game of the day, the women’s team did not get their desired outcome. The score of the game, does not indicate how our players played, they were still a very rough and resilient team to play against, they gave it their all and played their hearts out. Mexico scored 1 in the 1st and 2 in the 2nd, unfortunately, our team just couldn’t find the back of the net. The women’s team will take on the Colombians on day three and look to head into the playoffs as a .500 team.

U12, Puerto Rico 5, HPOC (Hockey players of color) 10. The nation's youngest team, unfortunately, could not get the win on day 2. After losing in a very close game on day 1, the Puerto Ricans looked to come back and win on day 2, but they could not complete the task. In a hard-fought game, the group of young boys and girls held a close game with HPOC, until the third period, but once the third period came around, they could not score at the same rate. This U12 team, they should be proud of how they played against HPOC, although losing by 5 goals, they played with their all, down to the last second. On day 3, the U12 team will look to secure their first win against Brazil.

U16, Puerto Rico 5, Columbia 7. Puerto Rico’s U16 team, unfortunately, did not get their 2nd win on day 2. In a hard-fought battle with the Colombians, they couldn’t seem to find the back of the net enough. Columbia came out of the gate firing on all cylinders and made for a very tough game. The Puerto Ricans gave all that they got, but unfortunately fell just a few goals shy of a big win. On day 3, Puerto Rico’s U16 team will look to defeat the first-place team Mexico, but with the talent this young team has, it will make for a great game with some excellent hockey.

U20, Puerto Rico 10, Columbia 0. The Puerto Rican U20 team, continued its great play on day 2 and they came out with a win from it. In a very hard-fought game, the Puerto Ricans could only score 1 goal in the first period. In the 2nd period, that is when the team came together. Putting up a 5 goal effort in the 2nd period and a 4 goal 3rd period, this would lead the U20 team to their 2nd 10-0 win of the tournament. The score of the game doesn’t show you how hard the Colombians were to play against, they were a tough team that forced the Puerto Ricans to adjust how they played. Great team play is how our Puerto Ricans won this game, there was no selfishness happening, and the whole game had lots of passes from all the players. Having a team with a combination of this much skill, chemistry, and most of all selflessness makes for a great recipe for success.

Mens D2, Puerto Rico 7, Venezuela 2. The winning ways of the men’s D2 team continue on day 2. The D2 team put on a great show on day 2 besting the Venezuelans 7-2 in a game where 5 different players scored goals, great team play was very evident. Heading into the 3rd period, it was a 2-2 game, but the Puerto Ricans showed up in a huge way and started to roll over on the Columbians putting up 5 goals in the final period. Heading into day 3, with aspersions of going undefeated heading into playoffs, the men’s D2 team will take on the 2-0 Stars of Israel team.

Game 1 day 2, Men's D1, Puerto Rico 8, Brazil 1. After a very tough loss the night before, on day 2, the men's D1 national team, would dominate the Brazilians in an 8-1 victory. This game was dominated from the start by Puerto Rico. A power-play goal in the 1st was just one of many goals, by the men’s D1 squad. A very physical game with a lot of action made for some great hockey to watch. 2 goals in each of the first two periods for the Puerto Ricans would propel the team into the 3rd period up 4-0. Come the 3rd period the Puerto Ricans would explode for 4 goals, never letting their foot off the gas.

Game 2, day 2, Men’s D2, Puerto Rico 3, Argentina 5. In the 2nd game of the day for the men’s national team, they would sadly fall to the Argentinians. After the Puerto Ricans went up 2-0 in the 1st period, the game would remain scoreless until the third period. Come the third period, the Puerto Ricans would score 1 more goal, but the Argentinians would rally for 4 goals and with Puerto Rico’s net empty in an attempt to tie the game, Argentina would score an empty net goal, solidifying their win. This was a hard-fought game for both teams with Argentina unfortunately winning. On day 3, Puerto Rico will play the 2-1 Columbians and look to head into their final game on day 4 against Lebanon as a .500 team.

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