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In a competitive showdown Lebanon defeats Puerto Rico to open the Womens' Challenger Series.

In a competitive showdown between Puerto Rico and Lebanon, the women from both national teams demonstrated their ice hockey prowess through strategic play and significant scoring moments.

The game unfolded with a series of goals that shaped the match's outcome.

The action commenced in the first period with Lebanon swiftly taking the lead. Jenna Salem found the back of the net at 14:40, with an assist from Aya Salem, putting Lebanon ahead 1-0. Soon after, Lea Salem increased Lebanon's lead, making it 2-0.

Puerto Rico struck back before the first period concluded. Anderson capitalized on a power play at 14:25, narrowing the gap to 2-1. Shortly thereafter, Zemianek scored, bringing the game to a 2-2 tie.

The second period saw Lebanon regain and extend their lead. Emma Amani Niam scored at 13:31, assisted by Ava Eid, moving the score to 3-2. Lea Salem then found the net again, elevating Lebanon's lead to 4-2. The period was also marked by penalties, including a 2-minute minor for Lebanon's Lea Salem for tripping at 4:22 and a 2-minute minor for Talia Telia for checking at 9:17. Puerto Rico's Jenkins received a 2-minute minor for tripping at 12:22, and Zemianek was given a 2-minute minor for body checking at 5:13.

In the third period, Lebanon's scoring momentum continued. Lea Salem scored at 7:13, assisted by Britni Yammine, pushing the score to 5-2. Anya Haze then added to Lebanon's tally at 4:12, with Yammine assisting again, furthering Lebanon's lead to 6-2. Puerto Rico managed to close the gap slightly with Anderson scoring at 5:30, making the final score 6-3 in favor of Lebanon.

This opening match was characterized by strategic offensive plays and key defensive moments from both teams. The game's provided a comprehensive view of the tactical battle that unfolded on the ice. The more seasoned vetaran Lebanon team used their experience to their advantage over the younger Puerto Rican side. The sides will meet two more times

in this series and we look forward to some more exciting international ice hockey action from these ladies. Their individual skills were on full display in the opener.

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