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(DEC 19, 2021) The Puerto Rico Ice Hockey Association (PRIHA) announced today that it will be hosting an event in Chicago, Illinois from May 19 - May 22. PRIHA announced the event, Serie de Primavera, will become the second consistent annual event for the association each year with plans to add more.

Players will arrive May 19 in the evening and there will be 5 total on-ice sessions for each player including both practices and games on May 20 to 22. The games will be extremely competitive at each level and the association is evaluating several opportunities for competition. PRIHA will also welcome Team Caribbean players to the event.

This is an opportunity for the players who have already competed with a team managed by the association to come together and compete again as well as an opportunity for new players to demonstrate and showcase their talent.

In order to sign up for the tournament, each player will need to

  1. Complete a player registration (if you have already completed one or competed at the LATAM Cup you do NOT need to complete the registration form again)

  2. Submit documentation of Nationality / Heritage (again, if you have already completed one or competed at the LATAM Cup you do NOT need to complete again)

  3. Sign up for the event on the website

  4. Pay a nominal fee in January which will cover all ice time expenses

The association is extremely excited for this event and it is an opportunity to get everyone in the same place and to showcase talent in front of fans - there will be 400+ tickets going on sale for the games.

If you have any questions there are two main ways to submit them:

  1. (BEST OPTION) Attend one of the PRIHA Open Forums in the coming weeks. In order to see the schedule please view the "About" page on the website.

  2. Send an email to with a subject that includes Serie de Primavera

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