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Day 3 Recap at the LATAM Cup

By Sam DeLeon

Women’s national team, Puerto Rico 2, Colombia 2. In a big game, they fell just one goal shy of a win. In this game, the women’s team would go up 1-0 early in the first, but lose that lead and eventually chase Colombia 2-1 on the scoresheet. The no-quit attitude of this team would eventually lead to a huge goal for the Puerto Ricans in the 2nd period to tie the game. Through the 3rd period, the score would not change. These two teams fought it out with some great chances on both sides and very entertaining hockey, but neither team could put one in the net. The women’s team will take on the undefeated Mexico Warriors in a thrilling first-round matchup on day 4.

U12, Puerto Rico 9, Brazil 15. Scoring does not seem to be an issue in this U12 division. In yet again another very high-scoring game, the young Puerto Rican team, unfortunately, would lose another game. In this very exciting game, there was a lot of goal-scoring to go around by both teams, unfortunately, the U12 team could not seal the deal. This young team of boys and girls has many bright spots and positives to take home. Finishing the round-robin games with a 0-3 record, the U12 team will head into the playoffs seeking their first win.

U16, Puerto Rico 0, Mexico City 6. For the first time this tournament, the Puerto Rican U16 team was shut out. This game did not go as planned for the young squad. Heading into the team's 3rd and final round-robin game, they were eyeing their 2nd win and looking for the best seeding possible. With yet another tough-fought game by Puerto Rico, they just could not seem to get things to connect for a goal. Heading into the playoffs, the U16 team will look to dominate on day 4 and make the finals on day 5.

U20, Puerto Rico 9, Caribbean 3. The U20 team finishes the round-robin part of the tournament with a perfect 3-0 record. Facing their toughest opponent yet, the U20 team came out strong going up 2-0 in the first 2 minutes of the game, that was how most of the game went with the Puerto Ricans never surrendering their lead. At the end of the first period, the score was 7-1, the Puerto Ricans would fizzle out on the score sheet only scoring 2 more goals the rest of the game. The very skilled Caribbean team challenged the Puerto Ricans to play good team hockey with very little room for mistakes, but even with facing the tough Caribbean team, the group of young men would continue their winning ways. Heading into the playoffs on day 4, the Puerto Ricans will face the Falkland Island, who they beat 10-0 and outshot 43-6 on day 1 of the tournament. The dominant U20 team will look to dominate on day 4 and win it all on day 5.

Mens D2, Puerto Rico 1, Stars of Israel 3. Going into day 3, the men’s D2 team would look to go undefeated in the round-robin games, facing off against the other undefeated team, Stars of Israel. In a matchup where both teams were looking to go into playoffs with a 3-0 record, the Stars of Israel team would best Puerto Rico’s D2 team. Our boys put up a good fight but unfortunately, they were a few plays shy of the win. On day 4 the D2 team will take on team South America, in the first round of the playoffs.

Mens D1, Puerto Rico 6, Colombia 3. In a very important seeding game for the Puerto Ricans, they showed up in a big way beating the Colombians 6-3. Win or loss, this men's D1 team keeps getting better with every shift. With yet another hard-fought battle by the Puerto Ricans in the books, they look to continue building off of each game, and with one game remaining before the playoffs, this team should be feeling good about themselves. On day 4, the D1 team will face off against Team Lebanon in the morning and start playoffs in the evening.

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