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Day 4 recap at LATAM Cup

Women’s division, Puerto Rico 0, Mexico 3. On the first day of playoffs, the reigning champions women’s team would get shut out by the undefeated team Mexico in their first playoff game. It was a hard-fought game by the women’s team, but Mexico was too much for the Puerto Ricans to handle. One thing we have seen with this women’s team is that they will fight relentlessly till the last buzzer and that is exactly what this team did. With valiant efforts laid out on the line, this team did not let the Mexican women’s team gain an easy win. This is the end for the Puerto Rican women’s team, but do not be fooled by the results of this year’s tournament, the women’s team will get better with every PRIHA event that takes place between now and the 2023 LATAM cup. In 2023, they will look to recapture the title of “Women’s Division Champions”

Game 1, U12, Puerto Rico 10, Caribbean 7. The U12 team that would go 0-3 in the round-robin games, would capture their first win against the Caribbean team. After losing 12-13 to the Caribbeans on day 1 of the tournament, when it mattered most for the youngest Puerto Rican team, they accomplished the win. In this game, the Puerto Ricans would go back and forth on the scoresheet all game until later in the 3rd period, when the Puerto Ricans would start to control the game and manage to pull off the win. This win would propel the Puerto Rican team into the 2nd round of the playoffs, where they play the Brazilians.

Game 2, U12, Puerto Rico 3, Brazil 17. In the second game of the day for the young Puerto Ricans, they would be dominated by the Brazilians. The U12 team would give it all they had, but the high-flying, goal-scoring, run-and-gun offense of the Brazilian team would be too much for the Puerto Ricans to handle. Only scoring 3 goals would not be nearly enough for them to win this game, but this group of kids would give it all they had. In 2023, at the LATAM Cup, the Puerto Rican U12 team will look to make a bigger push and win their division to bring home gold.

U16, Puerto Rico 6, Colombia 1. With everything on the line, the U16 team would dominate the Colombians in a matchup that would send the winners to the championship. In this tournament, the U16 team would have some great games and some average games, but in this contest, they would have their best game of the tournament. The U16 team for Puerto Rico will play the Mexico City team for the championship on day 5 on the final day of the tournament.

U20 Puerto Rico 10, Stanley (Falkland Islands) 0. In yet again another highly skilled game, played by the extremely talented U20 team, the Puerto Ricans, would dominate their opponents in another blowout win. This game was all Puerto Rico from the start, they would go up 3-0 early in the first period and continued to play great all game. With a score of 10-0 you might think this team is an offense-heavy team, but what leads to most wins is this team's fantastic transition game, two-way game, break-outs, and most of all team chemistry. On the U20 team, it is very evident that nobody has intentions of playing for themselves, everyone on this team plays for each other, the coaches, the association, and most importantly the words on the front of their jerseys. Puerto Rico’s U20 team will take on the Caribbean team in a thrilling finals matchup on the final day of the tournament.

Men's D2, Puerto Rico 3, South America 7. On the first day of playoffs, Puerto Rico’s division 2 team, would be bounced in the first round by the Central Americans. In a hard-fought battle, the Central Americans would put up a big fight and eventually best our D2 team. The Puerto Ricans would let 5 goals be scored in the 2nd period, digging themselves into a deep hole to crawl out of. Unfortunately, it was proven too big for the D2 team to come out of, and this would lead to a first-round exit for the team. In 2023 the D2 team will look to continue off of the success they had this year and go for gold.

Mens D1, Puerto Rico 3, Lebanon 2. In a must-win game for the D1 team, they pulled it off and beat the Lebanon team in a very tight game. This game had very little room for errors, with most errors by either team leading to shot chances. The Puerto Ricans would capitalize on Lebanon's errors leading to them winning the game. In this duel, both teams gave great effort and no goal was easily scored. With some great penalty kills near the end of the game, Puerto Rico would hold onto their lead and take down the Lebanon team in a thrilling game. On the 5th and final day of the tournament, the men's D1 team will take on Argentina in a winner take all game for the championship.

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