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PRIHA Takes Miami

By Edward Fielding

Puerto Rico’s national ice hockey programs will return to Coral Springs, Florida next week on September 14th. Our women’s team will defend their gold medal, and attempt to go back to back while our men’s team will try to break their silver medal streak. In addition, our U20 and youth programs will make their debuts and attempt to replicate PRIHA’s on ice success.

Since debuting in 2021, PRIHA has grown significantly. As an organization, we’ve had substantial growth in player registrations, expanding the amount of teams we field. We had great success in Puerto Rico’s international debut into ice hockey in the LATAM Cup tournament circuit, medaling in every division. Coming off a hot performance in Florida, we joined the Federación Puertorriqueña de Atletas Invernales, making PRIHA the official regulating body of both ice and inline hockey in Puerto Rico. Later in the year PRIHA signed a deal with up-and-coming apparel and equipment supplier STÄRK; launching a much anticipated online store shortly after. Our men’s national team won silver in the LATAM Cup Spring Classic in Dallas, Texas prior to hosting our first ever event in Chicago, Illinois. To top off the 2021-2022 hockey season, we were invited to march in NYC’s esteemed Puerto Rican Day Parade.

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