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Day 5 recap at the LATAM Cup

U20, Puerto Rico 8, Caribbean 1. In a winner takes all game for the Puerto Ricans, they won gold! In the highly anticipated gold medal matchup, the Puerto Ricans would dominate the Caribbean team that challenged them to play great team hockey on day 3. The Puerto Ricans would go up early in the 1st period and kept hammering away throughout the whole game, never letting their foot off the gas. Puerto Rico would dominate this whole game, with the coaches emphasizing shutdown play, before offense, that’s exactly what the U20 team did. With defense being the main objective for team Puerto Rico, their offensive play was also through the roof. All of these factors would lead to Puerto Rico’s win. Noah Rosato would win tournament MVP for the U20 team being an integral member of this team. Having 3 goals and incredible shut-down play in the championship game, with phenomenal play all tournament long, Noah Rosato winning MVP was well deserved. This dominating outing by the young Puerto Ricans led to their first gold medal in their first U20 appearance at the LATAM cup. In 2023 the U20 team will look to repeat back-to-back for gold and if the 2023 roster is anything like the 2022 roster, it will make for a great tournament.

Mens D1, Puerto Rico 4, Argentina 3. After the U20 team won gold earlier in the day, the men’s D1 team would capture the ultimate prize. In a very close game, the Puerto Ricans would defeat Argentina in a grueling championship game rematch from the 2022 spring LATAM Cup, this time the Puerto Ricans would get the victory. Going up 1-0 in the first, the Puerto Rican men's D1 team would never surrender their lead. This game was a tough one for the Puerto Ricans to win, with a lot of intensity in this matchup, both teams were ready to play. The Puerto Ricans would outplay the Argentinians in a big way, at one point leading 4-1 in this very hard-fought game. Heading into the 3rd period, the Argentinians would make a push and get the score to 4-3, but the Puerto Ricans would be too much of a challenge for them, with Puerto Rico holding their lead. PRIHA founder and men’s D1 Capitan Scott Vargas, would take home MVP for the D1 team and with his, on ice play, it’s no surprise, but more than his on-ice play, his leadership, and dedication to PRIHA, is what makes that pick a great one. With their first gold medal at the LATAM Cup, the men's D1 team will look to repeat in 2023.

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